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Our Methodology

  • Our methodology positively affects development speed.
  • Increase ROI.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market.

Our model is unique as it is based on its own methodology from the business aspect and compliance fully with existing software engineering practices in the technical aspect.

AliSoft’s Management Consulting philosophy is based on its own methodology called the Business System Development Methodology, BSDM.

The basis for this methodology is the system philosophy approach as a whole for the business or organization, a quality development approach from the beginning and throughout the life cycle of the business.  As a result, AliSoft’s approach enhances the organization’s information flow, communication, quality of products and services, and overall effectiveness.  It provides a teamwork approach to its operation, which leads to better communications inside the organization and produces more satisfied customers.

Management Consulting services are provided for building Working Systems for businesses, and for maintaining quality and productivity improvement within each business.

Working Systems are and must be unique for each business, and every aspect of that business, based on their intended outcome and resources.

We offers complete Software Development services for our client firms:

From the inception of an idea and its associated design to final implementation including documentation, help files, training, delivery, and follow-up, We help clients in every aspect of software development.

We takes great pride in developing Working Systems.  Business success has many influencing factors including the right resources, the right people, the right timing and the right processes.  All of AliSoft’s internal systems use our Working Systems model from inception through final implementation.  Our eight-step process will lead to the development of a system unique to any organization or business leading toward success.