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    Find how to learn graphic design pages and videos! They will explain how to do graphic designs with relative ease with much practice and repetition! Do many different projects to refine talents and skills.

    • You may want to use your skills in “IT”: internet tech/design.
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    There are many things to learn. If you are computer literate then you probably know several of the basics already. Here are a few of the areas to learn:

    • Scaling: Resize by percentages or by the desired dimensions (measurements), Reduce, Enlarge;
      • Maintain aspect ratio, Symmetrical scaling, or not;
      • Non-symmetrical scaling, Change only height — or Change the width — or both, but not in the original proportions (not maintaining aspect ratio, not symmetrical);
    • Resample in terms of pixel per inch or per centimeter, etc.;
    • Draw/Paint, fill a defined area with color, texture, or percentage screen values;
    • Modify images/Photos, color “correction” or changes;
    • Use different formats for saving graphics for differing purposes:
      • GIF – Drawings with layers, transparencies, can be animated;
      • JPEG – Photo images are great for the internet;
      • PNG – Photo images with layers, transparencies;
    • Cut (delete) a selected area, Remove background;
    • Crop, Outline, Edge detection;
    • Copy and Paste, Drag and drop, Duplicate;
    • Flip, Rotate, Rotate by fine fractions of a degree;
    • Move, Nudge, Change the nudge preference;
    • Add a layer: Overlay Transparency;
    • Color use for the purposes of design;
    • Change color values: brightness, contrast, saturation;
    • Color separations for process color;
    • Convert to gray scale, or to Two color Black and White (no shades of gray), or Negative;
    • Add Textures, Shadows and special effects (Posterize, Pixelize, Emboss, Blur, Sharpen, etc.);
    • Borders, Star burst, Ruled lines;
    • Background, foreground, perspective;
    • Styles such as realism versus modern, etc.;
    • Designing of symbols and logos;
    • Page layout, use of white-space, simplicity, or use of clutter;
      • Columns, gutters between columns, margins;
      • Balanced, off balance, centered, flush left or right;
      • Pyramid, inverted pyramid, step up or down, oval, random;
    • Typography: size, bold, medium, light, italic, script, etc.;
    • Headers
    • Shading to add effect.
      • Display type (headline text) modification tools to change shapes and add 3D effect, etc.;
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    Enter a contest! Winning may be very rare, but it will give you a chance to show your skill and be proud!

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    Practice graphic design! This can be done on MS Paint or GIMP! MS Paint should come with all computers and GIMP is free and easy to download.

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    Show your work off on websites! This will give you a chance to show off your graphics and enjoy your time of online fame!